The Art of the Con: Preface

So, convention games.

I’ve got a fair bit of experience running RPG event at cons. I’ve been organizing ENWorld Chicago Gameday since about 2002; we hold it three times a year, and I almost always run at least one RPG event in addition to my facilitation duties. I’ve also run one event at GenCon, as well as GM’ed games at Forge Midwest. I’m sure this is a lot less experience than some, but it seems a not-insignificant amount to me.

For a while now, I’ve been thinking that I should document what I’ve learned so far about running RPGs at conventions. At the very least, I hope to create a resource for my beloved Gameday community, as I am always grateful to see people step up and run events for us.

Ergo, I give you The Art of the Con, a series of articles that will hopefully provide aid as well as encouragement for anyone looking to run roleplaying events at gatherings big or small. I hope to address what I see as common pitfalls and misconceptions about convention games, as well as offer tips that may both speed their preparation and enhance their presentation.

So, in the next installment, we’ll get started by talking about how to get started.


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